CIC – Crazy Ingredient Challenge

CIC headerI am so happy you are here, because that most likely mean you are interested in the
CIC – Crazy Ingredient Challenge!
It’s hosted like a blog hop, meaning the link-up will be under everyone’s post, but only signed up people can join.

And the best part: There is no OBLIGATION!
You can leave the group any time, or sit out for a month without affecting anyone in the group :)

The Challenge is to make a dish out of two ingredients that you would normally not put together! The ingredients of the month will be mailed out and posted in the exclusive Facebook group every 1st of the month. Posting day is always(!) the 20th of the month.

Here is how it works (everything else you can ask me in a mail or the Facebook group after you joined) :)





Now all you have to do is joining the Facebook Group and you are good to get started!


(simply request to enter and I will accept you within a couple hours)