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WIAW – A busy Monday

Welcome to WIAW – What I Ate Wednesday!
This Monday was terribly busy. I am overwhelmed with products I have to test for my blog, prepping for my holiday and remembering all appointments my husband has (I’m his personal calender). Even tho I am pretty stressed out all day long, I always take the time to eat. Not eating would only hurt my body and my mind.

breakfast-button(about 6am)
I always try to enjoy breakfast as long as possible! This Baked Blueberry & Dates Oatmeal took me almost an hour to finish.
The creaminess and slight sweetness are simply too good to be eaten in a hurry :)


lunch-button(about 11am)
There was absolutely no time for a snack between breakfast and lunch :(
So I fixed myself a huge bowl of roasted broccoli, yellow squash, apple and egg whites.
Drizzled with some cottage cheese, this filled me up pretty good!

Photo Jun 25, 11 17 33

snack2-button(about 1.30pm)
I was craving something sweet, something that would get me through my workout.
These No Bake PB2 Protein Energy Bars did the job very well. I made enough of them on Sunday to get me through the whole week :)


dinner-button(about 5pm)
I was starving! But also to exhausted to make something fancy.
This White Bean Spinach & Kale Soup seemed perfect, since it’s so easy and quick to make. I had two bowls full :)

white bean spinach and kale soup recipe

snack1-button(about 8pm)
Let me tell you, I was done that day! I almost fell asleep watching Wheel of Fortune! Luckily I have a husband that keeps me busy 24/7, so he made sure my eyes wouldn’t shut! For Cake Boss I decided to fix myself a Healthy Chocolate Mug Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting.
I ate half, then I was stuffed (had the other half Tuesday afternoon).

healthy chocolate mug cake with peanut butter frosting recipe

Sure hoping things start calming down here soon, or I won’t have enough energy to go on holiday haha :)

Now let me see a food day out of your life to and join the fun next week!

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  1. You dessert sounds great. Heading to check out the recipe for it now :)

  2. Ah everything looks so good! Bookmarking the oatmeal and no bake protein bars!

  3. That soup looks so good. White beans are definitely one of my favorites, and I am OBSESSED with kale right now!

  4. Looking healthy and yummy-thanks!

  5. MMMMmmmm your white bean, spinach and kahle soup look so good. I want to come eat at your house.

  6. Wow! I would love to come for a visit! All of these look wonderful. I am going to check out the chocolate mug cake! Low carb is great, I eat way too much sugar and am trying to cut back! :)

  7. I need you to come to my house and cook! Your recipes always look so good!

  8. Wow they all look like such tasty meals! Love the look of the protein bars they look such fun! xx

  9. Great job on eating healthy all day! I would love to try that cake is looks fabulous.

  10. Dinner at 5pm sounds great, i usually sleep between 3am to 4am…i know my timings are really bad. btw Your routine is very good and the way you are strict and punctual about your meal is great and motivating for me :)

  11. I am going to have to steal your snack idea. I hope you don’t mind :)

  12. Love all these easy ideas for being on the go! The no bake protein energy bars are a great idea!

  13. Those energy bars look great!! YUM!

  14. I love that you show how eating healthy doesn’t mean giving up flavor! I’m dying to try the healthy chocolate mug cake with peanut butter frosting.

  15. finajenny says:

    I sure need that healthy chocolate thing.. :)… I need to share this to my sister.. she is the one who is always looking for new recipes :)

  16. I am not sure what my favorite food is! I think I like the protein bars! I am a big fan of sprinkles!

  17. The soup looks really good!

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