About Me



Facts about me:
I’m in my mid-twenties, married, mother of a wonderful son and just moved to the United States. Originally I am from Germany, where I have learned the job of a doctors assistant. Right now I am ‘just” housewife, what means too much time for all that good cooking and baking stuff 😉
My Addictions:
There is lots of food and kitchen supplies I just can’t live without.
Ground beef, chocolate, whipped cream, tin foil, parchment paper, paper towel, chick peas, oatmeal, milk and ice cream are just a few things, I would never ever wanna live without and what I always have a ton of at home.
Me and Food:
I love food and I love to eat (especially all the sweet stuff).
The passion for food comes from eating all my grandpas food. I grew up with my grandparents and I honestly think, my grandpa was the best chef ever!
Everything he made tasted so great and he did it all without recipes, just by tasting again and again. Getting older, I was allowed to help him in the kitchen. I used it to take notes and kinda train my pallet.
Since then, I’m always on the search for new challenges, new crazy recipes and inspiring ideas.
I spend most of my days in the kitchen trying and creating, what my husband and my son appreciate lots, because they get to eat all the delicious outcomes 😉



My loved ones:
I am blessed with two wonderful men in my life! My husband loves food as much as I do. He’s cooking every Tuesday and gets better from week to week. We love to share recipes and explore new cooking ideas together. Another great thing about him is that he likes to watch all the cooking and baking shows on TV with me 😉
My son is an amazing kid. He’s very special in his own way, kinda crazy and insane, but in the cutest way you could ever imagine.
Since he grew up with trying all my food, he like to eat almost everything and is very open for all the new things. He likes to help me in the kitchen and some things he can cook alone already.

Being skinny or not:
Throughout my whole life I had times were I was bigger and skinnier. I never really cared. And I still don’t.
I think it is important to watch what you’re eating, because of medical reasons. Things like not eating just fatty and sugary stuff, to protect your heart, liver, stomach and so on IS very important. But just for “looking like the others”, I would never recommend loosing weight and going all crazy about it. If you feel good the way you are, there is no need for getting skinnier (as long as you’re still on the healthy side of being bigger).
I met my husband when I had 45 pounds more, and guess what: he still fell in love with me and married me.
Since we got married i lost 45 pounds and I’ll probably gain a lot again, once Christmas baking starts.
Just don’t worry too much about it. There is no need to look like “them”, even tho there is a lot of pressure from the outside. We are how we are and NO, we can’t all be super skinny. Be you and like yourself! Confidence is super sexy!

My thoughts about diets:
Every diet, that tell you to cut out a whole group of foods or just eat one special kind of foods is NOT good for you and won’t work. Sure, you will loose weight, but you will for sure gain it back double, once you stop eating like that.
There is one easy trick to loosing weight: You can eat what you want, but watch your portion sizes, eat regularly, do NOT force yourself to stop eating sweets (try to make them healthier) and work out 30 minutes a day.
Yep, it doesn’t take more than that.
For me it works just fine with eating 5 times a day, of which two times are just sweets (my snacks) and 30 minutes on the ellipse trainer 5 nights a week.