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I #stayfree now with Yoga

As most of you know, I work out a lot. However, most of workout consist mainly of cardio. While that makes me feel amazing, it’s not calming my mind. That’s why I always wanted to try Yoga. Last week I told you about the offer from #stayfree to get a free month of Yoga on GaiamTV with the purchase of any of their pads or liners. The deal is still going strong btw. 😉 until March 12th.

stsyfree 1

Well, it’s only a week ago that I started and I already feel the difference! I am much more energized throughout the day and don’t get stressed as quickly as before. I have achieved another level of calmness! Yay me! The workouts on GaiamTV made it very easy for me to stick to it every day. And not only do they have Yoga videos, but also explanations with pictures of every pose and other health related articles that I just can’t stop reading.

stayfree 2

What makes me even happier is, that I can do it all month long, even when we ladies have our special time … Thanks to Stayfree Pads!
I have been with Stayfree before they had this Yoga offer already. Simply because it makes me feel so comfortable during my monthly very uncomfortable time! It stays where it needs to stay during my workouts and I can focus on my health worry free!

So if you ever thought about starting Yoga, now is your chance with #stayfree!!

This is a sponsored post, all opinions are 100% my own!

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  1. I am loving the free videos! Yoga is my favorite way to exercise on non-running days. :)

  2. The name “cow face” pose always makes me laugh. Sometimes I like to do that one while balancing in tree to make more challenging.

  3. It’s wonderful how you’ve been practicing for a whole week and you already see AND feel a difference! These classes sound pretty great as well, I can’t wait to start mine 😀

  4. I too am a cardio girl and I’m trying to do more yoga. This is a great deal!

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