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Healthy Banana Split

People keep asking me how I stay that skinny while eating all the food I post here. Well, it’s easy … Balance is the key! I never start my day with sugar loaded cereal or fatty things, I always have oatmeal! I never have a heavy lunch, either I have another oatmeal or a protein packed salad. This way I can absolutely afford cake time in the afternoon, a nice dinner and a dessert. While my cake time is usually super decadent I try to make my nighttime dessert as healthy as possible. This Healthy Banana Split is one of those desserts!
Good fats from the banana and peanut butter and low in carbs, yet super filling and satisfying. It tastes so decadent, you will not feel like you eat something that is good for you! Since a normal banana split can have up to 1000 calories each serving, you might wanna do the swap to this version too :)

healthy banana split recipe

Healthy Banana Split
Recipe type: Dessert
What you need
  • 1 banana
  • 3 strawberries, chopped
  • 2 tablespoons peanut butter
  • Sugar Free chocolate sauce
  • Healthy "whipped cream" (3 tablespoons fat free cream cheese melted, mixed with stevia to taste)
  • Nuts for topping, optional
How you make it
  1. Slice banana length wise in half
  2. Spread peanut butter on banana halves
  3. Now wildly top with strawberries, nuts, chocolate sauce and "whipped cream"
  4. DIG IN :)

And just in case this is a notch too healthy for you or maybe you are allergic to peanut butter, than my friend Dawn from Spatulas On Parade has this great Banana Split Cake for you! Depending on what quality of ingredients you use, this can be healthy too! And either way, it for sure stays under 1000 calories a piece :) So dig in!

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  1. I love banana splits and use yogurt instead of ice cream sometimes. I can no longer eat peanut butter due to allergies but could use sun or wow butter instead. Great food choices and yes I agree, balance is key.
    Thanks for adding my yummy cake.

  2. I am going to have to show this to my daughter. She loves things like this. We often make a banana boat – banana, peanut butter, chocolate chips or carob chips and coconut! She loves them and I know she will love these!

  3. Looks great! I would probably switch it up just a little and use real homemade whipping cream though. Would go great with a movie night!

  4. I like the peanut butter twist. I can’t eat bananas because they give me wicked heartburn in my old age, but I would love to make this for my boys.

  5. You had me with the title. 😉 I am always looking for fun, flavorful, but most importantly HEALTHY dessert alternatives. This looks incredible! And I totally agree that starting out the day with a healthy meal like oatmeal is a great key to staying thin and in shape.

  6. Oh such a great idea! It looks amazing!

  7. The banana split looks really good! I like that it has peanut butter in it too.

  8. Who knew I could have a banana split and not be cheating? Love this!!

  9. I love dishes that are full of yumminess but not bad for you, a most excellent share. :)

  10. Oh I want to eat that right now. I love banana splits. I’m going to have to try this out. Thanks for the recipe.

  11. I had to laugh about under 1000 calories a piece. Both of those look delicious but I need to eat the healthy one!

  12. Your recipe really looks yummy! Plus you’ve included a lot of great tips about staying slim.

  13. Oh wow yum yum thanks for sharing i love banana splits time to go buy some bananas :-) .

  14. aren’t all banana splits healthy? Sheesh you burst my bubble lol – but yes this looks good too!

  15. I am not a huge fan of banana, but I will eat it if I am really hungry. I love your recipe for banana split. Maybe I will try it.

  16. That healthy banana split looks awesome! I would skip the peanut butter, though, since I’m not crazy about it. I would probably add some unsalted peanuts to it, though, instead. I love the idea of the of the healthy whipped cream!

  17. This looks delicious. As someone who does not consume sugar, it excites me to have healthy alternatives that allow me to enjoy desserts too. I can’t wait to try this here at home.

  18. YUMMM… I almost laughed when I read “HEALTHY” banana split.. BUT you changed my mind..LOVE LOVE LOVE the recipe and it looks amazing… and totally healthy…thanks for sharing, soo gonna try it, bet the kids will love it too

  19. OMG that looks like it would hit the spot right now!

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