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Summertime Zephyr – Cucumber and Mint Cocktail

Today I want to share a recipe from Kelly Ripa with you, before we talk about something more serious – Food Storage at the right temperature!
This Zephyr is the perfect cocktail for every Summer party. The mix of cucumber and mint is so refreshing (and so delicious) :)
I definitely recommend using gin, but go ahead and create your own twist on it with your favorite add in!

Zephyr Cocktail

Summertime Zephyr - Cucumber and Mint Cocktail
Recipe type: Drinks
What you need
  • 2 medium cucumbers
  • 2 sprigs sage
  • 2 sprigs mint
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • 1 oz. gin
How you make it
  1. Muddle cucumber, sage, mint and sugar together
  2. Once all ingredients are muddled, add in one ounce of gin and mix together
  3. Add a few ice cubes and top off with a splash of soda

┬áNow lets talk about something very important. Storing your foods at the right temperature is a MUST, not only to keep your foods fresh as long as possible, but also to avoid germs, mold and bacteria to grow. Now you think, that you would see if your food was bad, but fact is, that bad germs are there long before they are visible and we really don’t want to eat them and get sick, right?!
Solution?! The Electrolux French Door Refrigerator!

First of all, doesn’t it look beautiful? I am in love with the clean design!
But more important, the freshness facts:
The Electrolux French Door Refrigerator features the innovative Perfect Temp Drawer with Luxury-Close.
The Perfect Temp Drawer provides ultimate control with a customizable, versatile temperature zone designed to store a variety of foods and beverages at the ideal temperature.
The refrigerator’s adjustable, humidity controlled Crisper Drawers keep fruits and vegetables fresher longer with self-closing drawers that provide a tighter seal to lock in freshness
All I can say is YES PLEASE! I need a fridge like that!
But wait, there is more awesomeness …

Electrolux French Door Bottom Mount Refrigerator

You can win one of these beauties!
Head on over to their website and enter the Electrolux Perfect Temp Sweepstakes:

  • Now through August 22, visit and enter the Electrolux Perfect Temp Sweepstakes daily for a chance to win your own Electrolux French Door Bottom Mount Refrigerator and a trip to a climate with a perfect temp – the sunny Abaco Islands in The Islands Of The Bahamas
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So what are you waiting for?! I entered already :)

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. Oh yes, I would LOVE this beauty in my kitchen. I will head over and enter.
    I love this recipe as well. So refreshing on a hot summer day.

  2. Heading out for a rum bucket later today. Daddy needs a treat.

  3. That is one beautiful refrigerator-no room for it in my small kitchen unfortunately–wish there was!

  4. Wow I would love to have that refrigerator! That is a beauty! As for the drink I haven’t tried Gin before but this sounds very refreshing! I will have to give it a try.

  5. I would just die to have a refrigerator like this! As a matter of fact, I would be so happy to have my kitchen filled with Electrolux appliances!

    The drink looks pretty good too!

  6. Yes, I would love to have a fridge like this! It is beautiful. I would be storing food in this fridge right and left. :)

  7. I’m not sure what I would do with a fridge like that! lol

  8. Found it!
    Wow. Oh, how I’d greatly appreciate, more than ANYONE could ever imagine winning this beautiful, French Door Refrigerator! !
    Wow. Now, to find a contest for a vehicle. Ha! I’d love to win a GENTLY USED VEHICLE. Need one so much. Ours is 16 years old, falling apart. The a/c is broken, heat/defrost, broken, need brakes all around, windows, wipers, lights don’t work properly……..soooo much wrong.
    Really NEED (NOT WANT) HELP.
    God bless you all.

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