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Cowboy Cookie Mug Cake

Yep, I have done it again! I made a yummy mug cake, that you can eat without guilt!
The whole thing is one serving size and let me tell you, I was barely able to finish it myself!
This Cowboy Cookie Mug Cake is made with coconut flour, simply to cut the carbs down and also because I love the texture of coconut flour cakes! They are so fluffy! Coconut flour mug cakes never get dense – if you over cook them, they turn into a rock :) So you kind of want to experiment with it first!
Let me tell you the story behind this cake: I am addicted (seriously) to the cowboy cookies you can buy at Albertsons. I my opinion they are the worlds best cowboy cookies! Problem: If I buy them, I eat them all … within minutes! So I needed something that gives me all the flavor by using the least amount of cookies possible. That means I either turn it into an oatmeal dish or I make a mug cake :) This way you can enjoy the unhealthy things in life in the healthiest way possible. 2 cookies is all it takes for this cake :)

cowboy cookie mug cake recipe

Cowboy Cookie Mug Cake
Recipe type: Dessert
What you need
  • 2 tablespoons coconut flour
  • ½ banana, mashed
  • 2 tablespoons liquid egg whites
  • ¼ cup milk (I used skim)
  • 1 pouch stevia
  • ½ teaspoon baking powder
  • 2 cowboy cookies (store bought or homemade), crumbled
  • 3 tablespoons cottage cheese, low fat
How you make it
  1. Combine flour, banana, egg whites, milk, stevia and baking powder until smooth
  2. Fold in ⅓ of the cookie crumbs
  3. Spray a 4 inch ramekin with cooking spray
  4. Place ⅓ of the cookie crumbs in the ramekin
  5. Spread out cake batter on top
  6. Microwave for 3 minutes
  7. Dump out of ramekin, then top with cottage cheese and sprinkle with the remaining ⅓ of the cookie crumbs
  8. Enjoy warm or cold :)

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  1. This looks so good. I am not a cottage cheese fan so I would have to do something else for the top. maybe coconut cream. I am going to have to try coconut flour. you use it a lot and the results always seem so tempting and less calories, who could use that right? YUM

  2. Your ingredients are interesting. I heard stevia sweetener is really healthy. saved the link for my file of recipes to try.

  3. This sounds delicious I’ve always shied away from cheese cake but tried some recently and yum!

  4. This looks yummy. I wish i baked more and my family wasn’t so picky

  5. I thought I had already commented but I guess I had not. This recipe is awesome. I an going to add this to my files. My grandson can not eat regular flowers so we bake his treats with coconut or almond flour. I will only have to change up the cookies which should be no problem. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I LOVE this! I love that it’s a healthy dessert choice. I love that you can make it in a single size serving. I love that I have all the ingredients on hand. Thank you for this recipe!

  7. I have never heard of coconut flour before. This really looks delicious. I am going to try this.

  8. This sounds really good and since I live alone–the perfect size!

  9. That’s just what I need is that one-time-treat!

  10. Hi I love any kind of a recipe in a mug. I can’t wait to try this! Thanks for sharing this with Kathe with an E.
    Julie from

  11. You have done it again! This recipe looks great. I have never head of cowboy cookies before. I love the idea of the single serving.

  12. G’day! I’ve never heard of cowboy cookies before either, true!
    WISH could come through the screen and try a bite or two! :)
    Cheers! Joanne; now on FB too!
    Viewed as part of Foodie Friends Friday Party

  13. G’day and STILL unusual!
    Cheers! Joanne
    Viewed as part of Dawn’s and Amber’s Blog Strut Party

  14. You always make the best dessert recipes! This looks fantastic, thanks for sharing on Foodie Friends Friday!

  15. I love mug cakes and love your healthier version. Thanks for sharing at Simple Supper Tuesday.

  16. This sounds delish 😉 YUM! Saw you over at Hun What’s for dinner and had to come over and check it out;)

    Would love for you to come over and link up to Super Sunday at Who Needs a Cape ! We’re live right now!!

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