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Flax Seed Parmesan Garlic Cracker (Low Carb)


low carb flax seed parmesan garlic cracker

Yay my first homemade crackers – and they are low carb too!
So on my weekly shopping trip to the dollar store (I am in love with dollar stores) I saw flax seed and had no clue what they are (lame, I know), but I still bought them :)
Back home I googled for hours to find out everything about them and was fascinated!
Lucky me, that day I made a potato soup and I love some crackers with my soup, but hat adding carbs to carbs (we all know potatoes are full of that stuff).
So why not making crackers out of these wonderful seeds I just bought?!
And here they are – Flax Seed Parmesan Garlic Crackers!

I’ve read, that flax seed meal goes bad so fast and it’s way smarter to buy the seeds and grind them yourself (I do that in a small chopper, I use for onions and shakes). This way you only have the amount of flax meal you need and the whole seeds you have left don’t go bad that fast, woohoo! Those crackers are so crispy and full of flavor, my husband screams for them now every night! Since they are made in the microwave, I have absolutely no problem to do him this favor. So instead of going over your carb limit, try these crackers, you won’t regret it :)

Flax Seed Parmesan Garlic Cracker (Low Carb)
Recipe type: Snack
What you need
  • 4 tablespoon flax meal *
  • 2 tablespoons sesame seeds
  • 2 tablespoon Parmesan cheese
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 4 tablespoons water
How you make it
  1. In a medium bowl combine all ingredients and stir well
  2. Let sit 5 minutes
  3. Spread mixture on some parchment paper (try to get a cube shaped form and as thin as possible)
  4. Microwave on high for 2 minutes, check and see if it's dry on top (if not microwave for another minute)
  5. Flip the huge cracker over onto another piece of parchment paper and microwave for another 2 minutes
  6. Cut them, then let them get cool and hard
*I buy whole flax seed at the dollar store and grind it at home into flax meal. It's cheaper and if you only use flax meal every once in a while, it would be a waste to buy some, because it gets bad really quick How you make it


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