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Cremesch – Hungarian Crescent Dough Cream Bars


cremesch hungarian crescent dough dessert

The Hungarian Cuisine is one of my all time favorite ones. Actually my Number 2 after the Bavarian one (of course haha) :)
If you ever get the chane to visit this beautiful country, I can promise you, you will come back with lots of pounds gained. The food is so amazing, you will spend your holiday eating!
This dessert is called Cremesch (obviously because of the creamy filling) and super duper easy to prepare. While Hungarians make their filling themselves (simply cooking a pudding), I decided to make a cheater version of it and use instant pudding (hey, it was the weekend and I allowed myself to be lazy).

Cremesch - Hungarian Crescent Dough Cream Bars
Recipe type: Dessert
What you need
  • 2 rolls Crescent Dough, fat reduced
  • 1 big box instant vanilla pudding, sugar and fat free
  • 2 cups skim milk
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 8 ounces cool whip, fat free, thawed
How you make it
  1. Roll out 1 crescent dough on a cookie sheet and press the cutting lines together, so that it bakes together to one single sheet
  2. Bake according to package directions until golden brown
  3. Repeat with the second roll, then let both cool completely (about 30 minutes)
  4. In a medium bowl combine milk and pudding powder, let sit until thick
  5. Add cinnamon and cool whip, stir until smooth
  6. Spread filling over one crescent sheet and top with second sheet
  7. Place in fridge until set (about 2 hours)
  8. Right before serving sprinkle with lots of powdered sugar
*you can easily eat it over 4-5 days by heating it up 15 seconds in the microwave


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